Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services – Purchase & Sale, Titling and Much More!

Real Estate Investments are common in Bocas del Toro, because of it’s natural beauty, impressive wildlife and off-the-grid living. Lawyer Johnny Griffo has specialized in Real Estate Services in Bocas locally for over 15 years. This experience has him well-equipped for any of your Real Estate inquiries. Our Real Estate Services in Bocas are categorized below.

Real Estate Contract Signing

Purchase and Sale

There are infinite possibilities when it come to Real Estate in Bocas. So look no more for the perfect place to live and invest! Our Facebook page may have the Real Estate that you are looking for.

Real Estate options range from lots and undeveloped properties to finished and furnished luxurious homes. So, if what you have in mind is not available, we will help you build precisely what you are looking for.


In Bocas, Real Estate often comes in the form of empty lots and beaches. Therefore, you are free to build your own, unique vision.

If you want to buy a lot, or need help with building materials and labor, then let us help you!

Right of Possession, Concessions and Titling

Real Estate endeavors include different categories of property declarations.

Here are a few definitions that will help you distinguish your property case:

  • Right of Possessions grant rights to a party that has been using property for over 5 years. Hence, Panamá recognizes the use of property as a right of ownership.
  • Concessions are granted for use of properties on or consisting of ocean area.
  • Titled Properties have permanent ownership and rights of land/property.

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“Johnny Griffo is a competent, trustworthy attorney who helped us legally and contractually purchase a single family residence from out of country. He is a prime candidate for interested parties wanting to purchase real estate abroad.” – Karl H.