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In Panamá, Investments begin with Corporations. Therefore, Business Law and Corporations are closely related. Corporations assure identity and assets be protected and private.

Panamá is one of the top countries in the world in legal confidentiality. So, if you are an investor interested in; opening a Business, buying Real Estate, or getting your Residency, you will want to establish a Corporation first.

Law 32 from 1927 established the Socieded Anónima (SA), or the Corporation. For official Legal requirements on establishing a Corporation, visit:

What are Corporations?

A Corporation is a legal representation of a natural person in Panamà. Therefore, Real Estate and businesses are often owned by a Corporation. This means when you establish a Corporation, you have the legal authority to act as a resident of Panamá. With this Corporation, you can buy and sell Real Estate, open a business and much more.

Do I need a Corporation?

You may decide that you do not want to open a Corporation. That is fine. However, this leaves your personal name vulnerable. So, If your property or business suffers from a legal bind, then the responsible party is recognized under your personal name, rather than the name of a Corporation.

The main purpose of a Corporation is to protect your identity. Hence, a Corporation will be responsible for all investments, not your name.

Corporations are also needed to open a Bank Account in Panamà.

To buy a gorgeous, oceanfront home like this, you will need to establish a Corporation first.

Real Estate & Corporations

When buying Real Estate in Bocas, the first thing you will do is establish a Corporation. So, let us help you in your Real Estate endeavors; schedule a Consultation today.

A proud business-owner opening their restaurant, first needed to follow steps in Business Law and make a Corporation.

Business Law & Corporations

Johnny Griffo has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs startup their dream business, buy an established business, and/or buy business shares. All of the above require a Panamanian Corporation!

A passport showing your freedom to migrate abroad.  First, you will need to make a Corporation.

Immigration & Corporations

A Corporation is required in order to acquire your Panamanian Residency. For more information about Immigration in Panama, click here.

Establish your Corporation Today –

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Johnny Griffo was very professional and shared so much information to help us start a small business in Bocas Del Toro. There are so many scams regarding property and businesses purchases. Do NOT do anything without legal consultation and representationCharlotte V.

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