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We have good news for you! Panamá is one of the best Latin American countries to travel in during COVID times. COVID in Panamá is hardly a topic of discussion. In Bocas del Toro, you may even forget there is a COVID Pandemic. Now is a great time to escape the chaos and re-energize in a COVID-Free, Caribbean island off the grid.

Find more COVID Travel Regulations and COVID statistics in Latin America below.

Panamá COVID Travel Regulations

Travelers are free to enter Panamá with either:

  • A Vaccination Card granted by the WHO, EMA or FDA received at least 14 days before arrival or ;
  • A Negative Result of an antigen test taken less than 72 hours before arrival to Panamá.

-Antigen tests are offered at the airport for $50

-Positive COVID testers will be placed in a 14-day Quarantine

Arrivals from ‘HIGH RISK COUNTRIES’ will have extra protocol if they are not vaccinated. High Risk Countries as of September 16th are: United States, Cuba, Guatemala, Costa Rica, French Guyana, the United Kingdom, Greece, Georgia, Estonia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Azerbaijan, Israel, Malaysia, Mongolia, South Africa, Guinea Bissau, Tunisia and Fiji.

Travelers who are not vaccinated and arriving from High Risk Countries must perform a 72-hours Quarantine. Quarantine must be performed in a hotel chosen from a designated list of hotels or at home if they are a Panamanian Resident or Citizen.

For more details, such as which hotels are permitted for the Quarantine, visit

Is Panamá safe during COVID?

Panamá is one of the safest and most recommended Latin American countries for travel right now; especially Bocas del Toro.

In all of Central America and South America, Panamá is one of the top 7 countries that has less cases and deaths related to COVID; with only 461,000 cases and 7,000 deaths. Other countries with favorable COVID statistics are Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Belize, Venezuela, El Salvador and Uruguay.

As for Bocas del Toro specifically, COVID is almost unheard of. Outdoor activities are fully accessible. These include: beaching, diving, jet skis, boat tours, fishing, surfing, jungle treks and plenty more fit to your taste. You may just fall so deep in love with Bocas that you consider Real Estate in the area!

Friends drinking and laughing during COVID

Restaurants, Bars, and Night Life

Night life last until 4am, with all of the favorite spots in full swing once again.

Most restaurants and bars are open 7 days a week with mask regulations depending on the locale. We do want to keep Bocas Del Toro safe! So please be responsible and wash your hands frequently, and do not go out on the town if you are not feeling well.

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